I have started school again,“I’M 50 YEARS OLD AND LOVING IT”  You can do it too!

This is the most exciting thing I have come across in a long time. The site is called The University of Internet Science. Michelangelo Lopez is the founder of the site. He is a preacher’s son, unlike his father’s choice of saving souls his thing is saving lives by helping you make money!
Save and collect emails, emails & amp; more emails! He will drill that into you as a member, in a way you can’t help but want to hear more! What is so great about this is it works for offline businesses as well as internet marketing. He compare’s this to Groupon. Department stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s, and even superstores like Wal-Mart! There is no doubt you will master the art of collecting emails and will have you monetizing too! (If you study and put in the work)
Here is what you need to know about Michelangelo Lopez, he is one of the most exciting, fun, entertaining individuals you will come across Then begin to love and enjoy learning while he is teaching you a no fluff education in email marketing! Michelangelo Lopez is one of the most successful internet marketers in the industry today! Most Guru’s truly teach you what you really need to know! He holds you captive by his enthusiastic and energy filled section of teaching exactly what you need to know to be successful in the industry. He will take you step by step through his video training and really help you. I have been in the industry for 6 years and have never come across someone that’s willing to help make you a success like Michelangelo Lopez. See for yourself what he can do for you and it truly is amazing what he can do for you. YOU CAN DO IT!